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Have an idea? No idea how to implement it? Discuss it here!

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Name:Find An Idea
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:To find ideas, people, and gauge interest in an idea
Have an idea for a community, roleplay game, psl, or anything that you want to discuss or see what kind of interest there would be? This is the place! Got an idea for an RP character, but need a face? Looking for discussion on how to implement that great RP game idea you had? This is the place! Had an idea for a landcomm and want to see if it's a feasible one? This is the place! Have a homeless RP character and are looking for storyline partners? Ask away here!

This is an all inclusive community where you can find discussion, thoughts, and interest in that great idea you have.

Some rules:
Play nice with others. If you disagree with something, please be adult about it. Agree to disagree and move on if you cannot find a non-argumentative solution. Don't start flamewars just to start them.

Don't take someone's idea. This should go without saying. If someone has a great idea and you love it, get with them and see if you can work something out, or join their community. Don't see their idea, and while they are hashing it out, go and implement it behind their back.

Also, no community/journal name stealing. If someone is discussing a journal name as part of their ideas, please don't create that account first. If they mention the name, it's theirs until they release the idea.

You may advertise communities/games here, but please do not spam with the same ad daily. You may repost an ad once your ad has 'fallen off' the front page.
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